Welcome to luxury on your own terms in the heart of the Black Rhino Private Game Reserve, Thutlwa Safari Lodge.

The purpose of this guide is to assist you to make the most of the comforts and services that we have on offer, here at the Lodge. If you have any further requests, Management will gladly assist you.

Important Numbers

EMERGENCY NUMBER:   SATIB +27 311 002 370

Lodge Manager’s Mobile Number:   +27 (66) 4833 209

Address: Lodge 8, Black Rhino Reserve, North West Provence, South Africa
T. +27 (87) 057 5720 | E. reservations@thutlwasafarilodge.com

Making Coffee

Your room is equipped with a Nespresso machine, which is quite simple to use:

1. Press either one of the dispensing buttons to power-on the machine
2. Place the cup on the support rack, under the nozzle
3. Lift the capsule-loading lever
4. Place the desired capsule into the slot provided
5. Close the capsule-loading lever completely
6. Once the lights have stopped flashing the machine has warmed to the correct temperature
7. Press the desired dispensing button (small cup for espresso & large cup for lungo)
8. Repeat these steps for additional cups, using a new capsule each time
9. Used capsules will expel automatically and your housekeeper will ensure the capsule tray is cleaned each day

Operating the Airconditioner

For your comfort, your room has been fitted with an airconditioning unit. This unit can be used to either cool or heat your room.

Using the remote control for the air conditioner, please follow the following steps to obtain the optimal temperature:

1. Select the power on button on your remote
2. The unit will respond with a beep
3. Select the mode you require (“auto” is the best to regulate the temperature)
4. Select your desired temperature by pressing the “Temp” down or up buttons
5. Optimal temperature is 21 degrees celsius

Laundry Service

We do offer a complimentary laundry service for your convenience. Should you like us to wash your laundry, please place it in the laundry basket provided and place the basket outside of the door of your chalet in the morning.

Our housekeeping staff will gladly assist and when you return to your room after a day of relaxing you will be welcomed by clean, fresh laundry.
Please inform us should there be any special care instructions for your garments.


Please remember that you are in the African bush and as such you need to respect the wildlife that calls it home.

Keep doors and windows closed when you are not in the room to prevent a visit from the vervet monkeys!

If you encounter an animal (e.g. monkey, spider, snake, etc) please call the game ranger, who will attend to its relocation.

Check-in & out

Our usual check-in time is 15h00 and check-out time is 10h00.


Your room is fitted with a safe inside of the cupboard to allow you to store your valuable, should you so wish.

Please follow these instructions to operate the safe:

1. To reset the password press the red button behind the door on the inside.
2. Enter any four-digit password followed by the A or B digit
3. Close door and turn latch
4. To open safe enter chosen password and turn latch


For your convenience, we have free wifi available for guests staying at the Lodge.

The network is “Thutlwa Lodge”.

Please enquire with management for the password.

Make yourself at home… We hope that you enjoy your stay!

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