Thutlwa Safari Lodge is not just a safari lodge; it is the result of the lifelong dream of the Bernatzeder family and our deep-rooted connection to the African bush. Inspired by this passion, we decided to turn our dream into reality and we created a haven where our guests can embrace the wild and forge their own connections with nature.

As a family-owned lodge, we have poured our personal touch into every aspect of Thutlwa Safari Lodge. We have carefully curated an environment that reflects our love for the bush and family, and our commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. We believe that through our genuine enthusiasm and dedication, we can inspire others to cherish and protect the natural world.


Behind Thutlwa Safari Lodge’s success lies our dedicated team, a group of passionate individuals who share our love for the bush and commitment to exceptional hospitality. Each member of our team has been carefully selected not only for their expertise but also for their genuine warmth and genuine desire to create memorable moments for our guests.

Dian, our ranger, is highly experienced and knowledgeable, with an intimate understanding of the wildlife and ecosystems in the area. He will accompany you on exhilarating game drives, sharing his wealth of information and ensuring your safety throughout your encounters with the animals.

Vickie and our attentive lodge staff take pride in providing personalised service, ensuring that every guest feels welcome, comfortable, and cared for. As a family, we strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, where you will be treated not just as visitors but as part of our extended family.

Together, our family and dedicated team work harmoniously to create a safari experience that transcends expectations. We are driven by our shared passion for the bush, our love for animals, and our commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Thutlwa Safari Lodge stands as a testament to the power of a collective vision, where our team’s expertise, warmth, and genuine care combine to create cherished memories for all who visit.

Join us at Thutlwa Safari Lodge and allow our dedicated team to guide you on an unforgettable journey through the African bush, where adventure, beauty, and a profound connection to nature await.